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A pink polkadot, hand drawn, postcard.
Sometimes you don't need a full card to write a note to a friend or loved one, but sometimes postcards just aren't neutral enough (think vintage 'wish you were here' postcards or cheesey landscapes) to be worthy of a few lines that the postman can clearly read.
Available at my Etsy shop, here.

Inspiration Sunday

After 7 years in Liverpool I had to make the important decision to move back home to Suffolk. Due to illness and wanting to be closer to my family after a terrible year, I'm back home and ready to get myself back on track and get back to making things! However, this next few weeks I'll have my hands full as we're adopting a rescue dog from the R.S.P.C.A! She's a very timid little whippet crossed with a terrier and we can't wait to give her a loving new home. So, obviously, with the excitement building, inspiration Sunday is all about dogs!

I'm quite sure my pup will inspire some (more) dog themed illustrations and work!