and I let you win

because you let me down.

October, 2011.
I found this scribbled in an old sketchbook.
I know why I wrote it.
I know who it's for.

and a reason for why,

'his secrets were hidden in the curls of her hair'
A little scribble and a sentence from nowhere. I'm fond of this though, perhaps I'll embroider it onto something and keep it for myself.
Pencil and paper.

somedays, always

'New home' mini card.
Hand stamped 'new' within a hand cut 'home'.
3x3" hand stamped mini card available here.

I've had to move back in with my parents (long, awkward story) and I'm half packed away in a shed, half unpacked on a desk.
I can't find my watercolours or favourite backless dress.

'Tell your heart

that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself.'

 Paulo Coelho.

and with every second of eternity

Sometimes, it's good to get out of my head (and onto the wall. A lovely white wall).
An embroidered hanky, embroidered doily and little note.

and you know something?

Far from what I once was, but not yet what I'm going to be.
Hand embroidered using my own hand writing and a complimentary green thread.
Available here.

One of my favourite vintage hankies that I've come across in a while - and I found it in orange too!
Of course, as I love the handkerchief so much (the pattern just makes the most perfect frame, calling out for something to be emroidered in the center), I thought I'd embroider one of my favourite sayings.

Inspiration Sunday - Breaking Bad

Oh God, who was it that suggested I watch Breaking Bad? I managed to watch 3 seasons in as many days. I'm now caught up with everyone and sitting with my mouth permenantly a-gaped watching the fifth and final season.
The show's as addictive as (what I imagine) the Meth that they cook is. It seems everyone on Etsy sufferes with the same addiction.
Here's a few great Breaking Bad themed goodies:

and baby now you do

I kinda love you
A little reserved way in sharing those warm and fuzzy feelings you sometimes have.
I'll send one to my dog on one of her good days.
3x3" hand stamped mini card.
Available here.

I'm crazy, baby, I need you to come here and save me

"Kiss me and you'll know how important I am"   - Sylvia Plath.
I've been drawing more and scribbling quotes again.
Pen and postcard sized card.
There's some other ones available here.

in the meantime

There's always a new # (hashtag) craze on Instagram and Twitter and I thought I'd join the #drawaugust challenge.
I managed 3 days.
This was day 1.
Ah well.