Or, as internet thesaurus just told me: 'meat and potatoes'.
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I'll bet he times it right so his Pot Noodle ain't crispy

Quick warm up drawings of Jay - Z. I really want to make a zine, or maybe a giant embroidery (probably a zine then) of Jay - Z and his actual 99 problems. Worrying about what Mr. Z worries about keeps playing on my mind.

{edit} OH EM GEE I'M GOING TO TURN IT INTO A TAPESTRY. A full on, mile long, proper tapestry.
Life goal number 28 then.

"since birth I've been cursed with this curse to just curse"

I'M A GANSTER, BUT Y'ALL KNEW THAT, said Snoop Dogg. Of course you are Mr. Dogg, with a name like Snoop we never questioned your authority on being a gangstaaaaar. However, maybe he's right? Who needs gold chains and guns, or an Italian accent and horses heads on stand-by to be valued as a gangster? Celebrate your ironically un-gangster ways with vintage reworked embroideries!

maybe, baby

Sentimental ( adjective ) 
1. expressive of or appealing to sentiment, especially the tender emotions and feelings, as love, pity, or nostalgia: a sentimental song.
2. pertaining to or dependent on sentiment : "We kept the old photograph for purely sentimental reasons"
3. weakly emotional; mawkishly susceptible or tender: "the sentimental Victorians"
4. characterized by or showing sentiment or refined feeling.

it's not the answer

So, over on Etsy, you can now no longer see my rudest of embroideries, in their entirety, in the images for the listings. I also have to use little * things instead of letters for swear words. I also have to highlight and tag that they are 'mature' listings. Probably for the best, I guess. One day, I'll make that website that my friends keep telling me they'll help me make, and I'll make it exclusively RUDE and just sell all the soft bollocks stuff on Etsy. Or maybe I'll start making something different.
Or I'll just stay doing what I'm doing.

double double (doughnut burger)


Did you know that I now offer double pet portraits as an actual real life option over in my Etsy shop? Yup. You can read up on the details over here.

And I just really want a double cheese burger, and those doughnut burgers look bonkers good.

it's not all cuss cuss cuss (not always anyway)

Probably one of my favourite embroideries, it will be hard to part with or sell on. I know, shock/horror it's not covered in obscenities. This original vintage embroidery was in some serious need of love and attention. It was washed, ironed and had the edges and some of the floral details re-stitched. I don't often shout about that, but, just because I use vintage tray cloths doesn't mean it's all done for me. More often than not, they need some extra care and attention (not just the added text etc). But hey, saves them from being thrown out right?
Repurposed, re-loved, re-imagined.



for a little plastic sandwich bag filled with dodgy half melted/badly painted animals and 2 amazing space men. They'll be my new drawing buddies and endless source of amusement when I bring them out of my handbag.
Charity shops are my weakness, but they always deliver, and I always win.

never changes

Always floral, always mini, always cunt.


I was super mega lucky enough to win at a raffle that I Am Acrylic were hosting over on Instagram. There was a huge selection of their hand cut beauties up for grabs, including sweets and, well, a packet of cheese sauce! Working at the I Make Fun Stuff pop-up shop, we've stocked I Am Acrylic's hand cut (yes, hand cut and hand assembled) necklaces and brooches since day 1 and I've always loved their work (their little log cabin and mountain brooch is my fave), so much so that I think they've been featured as a 'staff pick' about a million times. SO you can imagine my super mega stoked-ness when I won their MIRRORED little cloud and lightning brooch. And even more excited when I realised it's the perfect match for my vintage yellow rain coat. You can see more of I Am acrylics work here, but make sure you follow them on Instagram too! 

Intwosandthrees in the wild

I bloody love being sent customer photos! It's especially lovely to see when customers frame the embroideries as I don't often get a chance to do this myself. The prints and cards being used too are always fun to see!


plan, stitch, list, pack, repeat


My Great Aunt Frida is turning 100

Her memory is still incredible, luckily for us though that her eyesight isn't - because my nanny thought her beloved dog was called King. It was called Kim. Oops.

The Radical Nude

I found out about this exhibition with only a couple of weeks left, and the only day I could spare to go and see it was the day before it ended. Given that we went on the day before the show finished, and on a Saturday, it was obviously pretty bloody busy. London on a Saturday always is, but this was the first time that Egon Schiele's ground-breaking nudes were brought together, in an intense, sexy and 'extraordinarily arresting' way (my only note about the show in my sketchbook). Let's remember that Schiele's nudes we're often provocatively disturbing, uncomfortable but honest. So, being in a packed room (which, personally I feel was curated poorly - unless the disjointed room was an artistically brilliant accident), rubbing arms with everyone, I suddenly became very much aware that I was staring at a beautifully highlighted lady garden, while standing so close to a group of men that I could hear their breathing. Sure, it was a Saturday evening (we had to wait all day for our scheduled time slot) at the most anticipated exhibition - but looking around, the room was full of men. Art loving men of course, I'm sure, but I actually became really self conscious. Now, I studied Schiele at uni, of course I did, and the surrounding connotations of his ground-breaking work in a non-sexy Vienna of 1910. Some students came to the conclusion that he was a feminist. Some didn't like his 'pornographic studies' edged with sickness and death. Some just liked his mark making. I liked everything it made everyone think about. But this exhibition? I suddenly didn't like everything his work made me think about, purely because I was brushing shoulders with an elderly man that grunted at that particularly flushed foo-foo (don't think of me as na├»ve, I studied actual pornography for a while at uni, for art of course). I stepped on peoples feet (by accident, I promise) and shuffled round an odd layout after climbing up a bloody tower of stairs to the Courtauld Gallery at Sommerset House. Luckily enough though, Egon Schiele's beautifully radical nudes really did stand out, scream for my attention, and let me briefly forget about my surroundings. I'm so glad I made it in time.

distract and disarm

I've got endless notebooks filled with to-do lists and a calendar that has those to-do's cross referenced and colour coded. I feel so unorganised in the most organised way. That doesn't make any sense, I know.
Here's a drawing of me looking stressed on the phone, by Boo