don't bring us the figgy pudding.

I hate Christmas cake.
A mini Christmas card or gift tag.
3 x 3" with matching envelope, hand drawn, available here.

I'm going to use them as subtle reminders.
My mum has already made 5 Christmas cakes. Eugh.


Todays scribble.
Pencil and sketchbook.



please, use this service responsibly.


I find cats can be a little sneaky at times.
They're also renowned for picking and choosing their owners, skipping off to wherever the good tuna lays.
That's why this cat means it all the more.
Home is wherever I'm with you.
An A5 postcard sized print, from original watercolour, available soon.

to take the blues away,

'With deepest sympathy' card.
Hand drawn with red ink.
3 x 3 inches available here.

A little card made with a lot of love to show someone you're thinking about them.

I've never seen a diamond in the flesh

'the trailing beauty of forgotten joy'
Pencil scribble with a few blobs of watercolour.
I'll neaten this up somehow then work back into it with some embroidery.

Inspiration Sunday - Lauren Hom

A series of Daily Dishonesties and little white lies, that started out as a personal project, have been beautified with hand drawn lettering. Originally a typography project during college, Lauren Hom now sells these painfully honest, very true everyday thoughts and sayings, as posters, prints, tee shirts and goodies. You can purchase them via her blog and the cracking site Society 6. I encourage you, encourage you strongly, to visit Laurens blog because there's the best, most effective step by step guide to Photoshop and typography. So easy in fact, I wonder if my tiny brain might handle it.
There's at least 20 dishonesties I've found myself saying or thinking.

Good, huh?


I've accidentally started a collection.
I've accidentally drawn badly.

A selection of teapots and coffee pots, drawn badly (I often can't sing along to my favourite songs while scribbling) with a 2B pencil on rubbish thin paper.

However, I accidentally really like this.


An unknown person, a found disposable camera shot.
I have a bag full of film, undeveloped cameras and odd photographs.
Perhaps I'll work back into them with white pens and embroidery.