I listen to everything you say,

After a little down time, an absolute gem of a friend simply said 'well, you know Leigh, some people's small problems just show their true problems'.
In that moment of clarity, I took a deep breath, realised life is too short but then found the time to scribble these wise words down.
Just ordinary felt tip pens and paper, but maybe a draft for a print in the future.

catch up, Ketchup

I've made and sold a fair few embroidered vintage hankies, doilies and linen recently but I've been too busy getting my stitch on to update you on the progress and process.
I'm half sorry, but half happy to be busy.
I'll show you soon, promise.
For now though, check out this guy.

KNIT ME - Inspiration Sunday

Dear Colleen have done it again. This is everything I could want in a sassy print; humour, beautiful font, a play on words and a twist on a rap classic.
Clever work, fun illustrations and everything you wish you'd thought of.
They also have a Ryan Gosling tea towel I plan on treating myself to as a house warming.

stitch & wish

I've over-done it on the skull embroideries.
Here's a bumble bee instead.
Vintage hanky & black thread only.

I also got a bumble bee tattoo with my little sister in mind, before she moved out to Oz.
Ever since she was little her nickname's been Bumble.

over the moon!

My bestie is pregnant! I'm super excited for her, she's going to be an incredible mum and after a horrible year, she's the most deserving of this little miracle. Of course, as long as the little sprout pops out happy and healthy, that's what matters, but fingers and toes crossed for a little girl - she'll be born in line for the most incredible vintage wardrobe.

Hand stamped and hand made card (I sent a yellow one, nice and neutral, just in case).

it's a curse

Not many can carry off a full on, thick and bushy beard. Heck, I know a few who can't even grow stuble (yeah, you). But it seems the beard is here to stay on the cool list, so obviously I made a scribble. It might make it to print. I've got at least 8 friends, and my dad, that have earnt a copy anyway.

Oh, honey

We all know one, God knows I love a good hashtag.
3x3" hand stamped mini card.
Available here.

Especially for Harriet!

Cheeky kitty collaboration.
The incredibly talented Harriet Gray let me have a play at turning one of her gorgeous cat illustrations into an embroidery. Aren't I lucky! This pretty kitty didn't take me too long (although I wasn't exactly taking notice of time, I was enjoying it too much) and I thoroughly enjoyed the process. In hindsight, I guess, I would have liked to 'go all out' and embroider the whole face but that didn't suit my 'sketchy' style and I wanted to keep as much as possible of the drawn lines that Harriet had made. I'm so happy Harriet is pleased with the outcome and I've enjoyed this idea of collaborating - something I hope to continue playing with. I've certainly caught the bug and will embroider bigger subjects, like portraits etc, but stick with the vintage handkerchief as a basis to play on.
And all through the magic of Instagram and email. Brilliant!


A few photos of the work in progress:

you've never looked so beautiful

3" x 3" hand stamped card.
There's a new batch of hand stamped cards in the shop.
Stationary, tote bags and more embroideries are to be listed soon.
Get them while their hot.

My dear old chum

I've known Molly since nursery school. That's 20 odd years this year. I like Liverpool and Molly likes London, but we share a love for beards and bands. Happy Birthday, Cracker!

Hand drawn postcard and mini embroidered card.