I got 99 problems but a stitch aint one

Loads of new embroideries coming soon.
Obvs with lots of swear words. I love the juxtaposition of a dainty, lady-like craft with harsh colour, masculine font and naughty, not very lady-like words.

Satin stitch is a pain in my arse, but it don't half look good.

When I grow up,

I'd like a job where I wrap presents all day.
All good things have pom-poms.

secret notes

Found in an old notebook.
It's so secret because I can't even remember why I found it important to write down.

It's not just cats I like, you know

Cracking charity shop find with change from a 2 pound coin.
It's full of dogs.
I'm in two minds whether to use the photos for cuttin' n' stickin' collages or not.