just maybe

'how strange it is to be anything at all'
A wonderful quote often sung by beautiful people, echoed forever in Alice in Wonderland, and now immortalised in stitches on an incredible vintage tray cloth.
The intricate vintage cotton cloth has so much beautiful detail that someone once lovingly hand embroidered. Parts were a little worn and a little dull, I added to some of the original embroidery to give it some extra strength. It lent itself perfectly as a frame to a quote that both contradicts and highlights the intensity of the embroidered cloth.
How strange it is to be anything at all.

Peg it to the wall, pin it up or frame it.
Measures 18.5" by 11"

Sally Faulkner - Piano Man

Just a little postcard, but a favourite none the less. A wonderful illustration with so much detail and texture in the simplest way (that sentence makes total sense to me). I love when illustrators know when to 'finish' a work - making just a certain amount of marks and confidently leaving spaces.

I would absolutely love to work with illustrators and embroider their work. Imagine all the stitches I could use to bring the illustration to life and bring out that texture. 

have a badass day of birth


Is someone you know super mega rad? Are they planning on letting their hair down and getting the hipster beers in for another day of birth celebration?! Then this bitchin' little card is perfect for them!
Hand stamped, 3 x 3" with matching envelopes, available here.

she said


'everything carries me to you'
A loving sentence hand embroidered onto a lovely vintage tray cloth.
The tray cloth is in a beautiful shape with original cross stitch and embroidered details.
One of the most unique vintage tray cloths I've come across so far and it lent itself perfectly for an equally romantic quote.
Measures 17" by 10.5".
Available here.

internet famous

Does your bestie write the best tweets? Does your dad post the funniest Facebook status's? Does your lover have a huge following in the blogosphere world? Reach out to them old school style with this little card.
They might even blog about it afterwards.
Available here.


Just a quick scribble and a poor photo of it (via Instagram @leighjennings). I like it though. I'll consider turning this into a print. ACTUALLY. I should be considering turning more of my scribbles into embroideries. Why not? 

a new home for my favourites

One of my extra large embroideries (here) and a vintage hanky embroidery, both with my favourite quotes, have been sent off to their new home in Brazil.
I only wish there was room in the parcel for me too.

I'm sorry for swearing,

but sometimes just saying 'congratulations', 'well done', 'brilliant' doesn't cut it. A swear word in the middle always packs a punch, right?
Available here.

International Women's Day

I'm a 25 year old woman. International Women's day was never taught while I was at school, it was rarely mentioned and so a date that seemed no more than ordinary. Only during college and University, after studying hard, the role of women in domestic and traditional crafts, I found an endless link back to an internationally celebrated day, that in some countries, is actually a holiday.
The first International Women's Day was a day for women to campaign for change and celebrate the women before them, who each year demanded change in women's rights to work, vote, be trained, to hold public office and to end discrimination. Every year this solidarity is enforced with worldwide events celebrating women's growth while highlighting the action still required to ensure basic women's equality - in all aspects of life.
This is something I've taught myself through the years, understood through the domestic roles of  women and traditions that both hinder and frustrate the development of a woman. Too often I have been reminded of the stumbling block that a woman's femininity can cause in everyday life. The complication of sexualisation in the feminine form detracts and will forever obscure the development in women's equal rights to a man. Stereotypes and  preconceived ideals are brick walls within the road to women's equal rights that will forever prove a battle.
Through my use of traditionally feminine crafts I've explored creating contemporary works of art that enhance and encourage this feminine ideal. Soft cursive writing reminiscent of stereotypically feminine handwriting is embroidered (a craft handed down through teaching through female to female, mother to daughter, taught only to women) on linens and handkerchiefs identified as feminine objects. Embroidering swear words and images of skulls, as previous work, creates a juxtaposition between the feminine and stereotypically masculine.
Studying the development of International Women's Day and the worldwide trials and tribulations of women, in all aspects of life, it's becoming apparent that these generic and exhausted stereotypes both hinder and enhance a woman's attitude and rights. Women can choose to play to these stereotypes, let the stereotypes lead them or begin to create a new meaning to feminine and what it truly means to be a 'woman'. Either way, I know that the fact we now have this choice, and through International Women's Day, that even if we have developments to make, we've come a hell of a long way.
You can see this embroidery and more details on my Etsy shop, here.
You can also read more on IWD at www.internationalwomensday.com

life affirming banners to enchance your world

I don't know what I'm doing with this yet, but it sure looks good on my wall.

hi, hey, hello


This may be little in size, but it doesn't mean any less.
Twitter just doesn't allow enough words and sometimes a text message just doesn't cut it. If you just want to let a friend know you're thinking of them, invite your mum round for a cup of tea or let the milkman know you really appreciate him, then this little card is perfect.
Available in my Etsy shop, here.



Another cutie I've had the privilege to embroider.
Lots of smudgey colours and about a million stitches - if I could do this all day, every day, I'd be pretty happy.