entirely, entirely

Large satin stitch embroidery on vintage tray cloth.
'I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions' - Augusten Burroughs.
A beautiful quote that lends itself perfectly to be embroidered. The text 'I myself am' is layered together to emphasise 'myself'. The text 'stitched together' is also layered so that the satin stitching flows throughout the quote.

Pin it up, frame it, or maybe even use it for a decorative pillow front. Available to buy here with free UK postage.

left handers aren't always right

Dot your T's and cross your I's..oh..hang on..
'I don't have bad handwriting, I have my own font'
Another new print coming to the shop super soon.

a chance meeting

'We crossed paths at the right time'.
3" x 3" hand stamped mini card with hand drawn arrows.
Sometimes in life, we meet another human and wonder why we haven't met them sooner. Whether you believe in fate or coincidence, luck or another mighty being, it's a wonderful feeling when you meet someone that fits so well with you.
A bit of a cute card, but not just for valentines day. I know I met my best friends at exactly the right time, and I know it's forever.
Available here and part of the 5 cards for £6 deal.


There's a new range of illustration prints in the shop.
A hipster old man, a granny with 'vintage' swag and an 80's babe with a mega 'fro. Oh, and a cocky unicorn.
This granny is probably my fave, inspired by those (especially me) with a 'vintage' wardrobe that border lines an elderly ladies. Too many times I've eyed up an OAP's floral dress and felt the pangs of envy.
This print, available here, is for those that embrace it and recognise they have the granny swag. 


There's a few naughty word embroideries listed in the Etsy shop at the moment.
They're proving a winner with you guys, but not my mother.

oh, dearest

It's almost that time of year again.
Just a little card to send to those that are sick in their throats at that lovey-dovey time of year. Or maybe you have a happily single friend that secretly feels a little left out. Who said you had to be loved up to enjoy Valentines day? Send a card to show you still care and you're thinking about your single mates while they eat that box of chocolates on their own, while watching a rubbish rom-com, cursing the over commercialised day of love.
Not that this is me or anything.

Available to buy here, and part of the 5 cards for £6 deal.



Image from a found old photo, transferred onto a slice of wood.

Tina Fey strikes again

New prints!

Productive girls celebrate your organisational skills. Procrastinating girls get some encouragement in your life. Tina Fey is so right sometimes.
Measuring 5.5" by 6", this sugary sweet square illustration is printed on smooth white card and hand signed.
Available to buy here.