Blind pencil drawing of a pug, later shaded and details added.
Loved this process of drawing and the surprise marks that are made.
May turn this into a series of dog portraits to be turned into prints.


Hand embroidered gift tags.
Pack of 4.
These could also be unthreaded and turned into bunting!
Heart shape embroidered symbol on a flag shaped brown card. Matching silk thread for hanging.
Coming to the shop soon.

but then

'I like you most on your good days'.
Hand drawn honest love card.
New, in a larger size but staying square - 4" x 4".
Each card is hand drawn using a good old fashioned felt tip pen and my finalised font style.
Blank inside so you can add your own message - probably one ot make up for the honest statement on the front.
Available here.


A quick scribble after being fairly poorly for the last few weeks.
Time to get back on track.
Watercolour and biro.
Image altered through Instagram - find me under leighjennings.