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I tend to just re-post my images from Instagram straight onto tumblr (as there's that option on Instagram), so sorry for not updating things on here. Once you view this video, you'll see just why I've been so bloody busy.
I'm over whelmed, incredibly thrilled, shocked, stressed, panicked and confused that so many of you lovely wonderful people should request an embroidered pet portrait. You all have such beautiful pets! In 6 1/2 weeks I managed to make 21 pet portraits. I've only cried 3 times, had a near break down once, thought about giving up twice and only had one needle-thread-thumb accident. I thought that was pretty good going, considering I've never had so many commissions before in my life. Towards the end, which so happened to be Christmas eve, I became so worn down, so poorly, that I really did consider apologising to everyone and considered packing it all in (I've had 10 more pet portrait requests for when I renew the listing on Etsy again - I had to take the listing down in the end to stop people from buying it, requesting them and emailing saying 'please can you not just fit me in', despite my replies being 'I'm so sorry, after scheduling people in, I'm unable to make you a pet portrait in time for Christmas'. People were still contacting me and I was finding it very overwhelming). I'm hoping a well earned break over Christmas, some time to make art work for myself and planning future work including fun stuff like exhibitions and collaborations, I'll be back on track and happy again.
The biggest, most massive thank you to everyone's support. I've not really been doing this embroidery malarkey for very long, it's incredible to see how far I've come, and it's ALL down to you guys.
Merry Christmas, happy new year, and a massive, heart felt thank you.


Hello everyone, huge apologies for being super slack on the blogging updates. My trusty laptop failed spectacularly and now I've lost pretty much everything. I've got a snazzy new laptop but no images. Big sad face! So, I'll start again and try and keep you updated more. For now, you can find me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @intwosandthrees

blame it on me

I'M A GANSTER, BUT Y'ALL KNEW THAT, said Snoop Dogg. Of course you are Mr. Dogg, with a name like Snoop we never questioned your authority on being a gangstaaa. However, maybe he's right. Who needs gold chains and guns or an Italian accent and horses heads on stand-by to be valued as a gangster. Celebrate your ironically un-gangster ways with this vintage reworked embroidery that's so obviously feminine.
Available here.

oh for you I'd leave it all

Do you wake up every morning with a smile on your face? Do you always go that bit harder at the gym? Are you always the one your friends turn to in times of need? Are you just an awesome person that conquers every day like a rock star? Yeah, every damn day. Now you can celebrate your skills in the most prettiest of ways. This vintage doily had the original embroidered floral details and I've added a hand embroidered phrase in a lovely navy silk thread to bring the vintage material back into the 21st Century.
Available here.

shelter with me

Tapestry threads! I've not yet explored tapestry, I've had the canvas ready for so long but not the threads. Cue my mage rad nanny and her collection of vintage wool.
Now I've got all the gear and no idea. Oh well, maybe everyone can have a wooly patterned bookmark for Christmas.

country boys & city girls

I'd forgotten how much I LOVE making blind contour line portraits. Something I'd learnt at college a million years a go as a way to truly look at your subject, you simply put your pen to your paper and draw what you see without looking back at the page. The results are fun, abstract lines and when layered, beautiful compositions are made that you'd probably not normally consider. You don't have to be 'able to draw' to join in, that's part of the fun. I find it great inspiration to start drawing again, especially when I'm getting bogged down with so many naughty embroideries. The above are all drawings of Suze while I stayed with her in Liverpool for a few days. I'd love to take these drawings further and turn them into embroideries. Actually..can you embroider fabric without looking? hmm...


After tumblr re-blogging this embroidery into the big bad world of the internet, people that discover where the work is from (tumblr is terrible at times for not crediting the artists), are always asking for the original. Due to my embroideries being re-worked vintage fabrics, it's near impossible to get the same again. I could re-create the embroidery but obviously this would reflect in the price every time and I'm keen to keep my work affordable. I also love the unique quality of total one of a kinds that re-worked vintage brings. So, to accommodate the die-hard fans, I'm creating brooches! Roughly 3" long with silver brooch fitting backs, now everyone can get in on the action.
They'll be in the Etsy shop in September.


I've just listed a handful of new cunt embroideries and other topical sayings. I've been a machine recently, stitching up a storm to catch up with sales since my little trip away. So, inevitably, I've now had enough of this and need a new topic! I'm officially de-sensitised to the word cunt. It's back to skulls and dead birds for a bit, maybe even some shit taxidermy inspired work.
You can purchase this embroidery, and many more, here.

'muma said knock you out, I'ma gonna knock you out'


Just in case using a traditional and feminine craft to embroider swear words wasn't bad enough, I've started embroidering more and more rap lyrics and 'gangster' sayings. You kids can't seem to get enough of it though.
'Fuck what you heard' small embroidery on a vintage doily is available here.

i got 99 problems and they're all cats

I've accidentally accumulated a large collection of cat ornaments, tea pots, planters and piggy (kitty) banks. It only started with a few, but after my birthday and a few car boot and charity shop finds, the collection seems to have multiplied.
This photo is only half of them.
I've never actually had a pet cat (my nanny has always had cats though)...


Commissions and tired eyes.

never mind


Do you walk around with that gangster swag? Do you have a menagerie of animals in your back garden? Swear like a pirate and just don't care? Just say 'soz about me' and move on. They'll understand then.

Hand embroidered and ready to hang, available here


one of my favourite versions of the 'home is where them fuckers ain't' embroidery so far. Beautiful large vintage cloth with burgundy silk thread used for the text. Available here.


The sweetest custom embroidery- a gift from the bride to her groom on their wedding day, with the words they use to tuck in their children at night.
Yellow vintage hanky and navy silk thread.
email for custom embroideries.

turbo charged

I've been super, super, busy lately.
So many exciting things happening soon.

work in progress

Based on traditional tattoo flash drawings, a dainty hand and flowers embroidery to be framed.
I think I'll keep it just black thread.

all i ever want to say is

A stack of hand stamped mini cards have just been listed here.
New designs too!

embroidered (old/unkown) photographs

Using old/found/unkown photographs in my work is something I've done since my college days, and a style that I always come back to. Recently, the worldwide Etsy craft party was based around stitching onto photos, old or new, and bringing them back to life. As there wasn't a party nearby for me to join in with, I joined through the power of Instagram and posted photos (how ironic?) of my interpretations. I went against the rules though and stitched directly onto the old photos themselves which were a solid card. It's advised that you scan and print a new copy, so as not to loose the original. However, I love the thought of a photo from the 50's (top) and 30's (bottom) being turned into contemporary art with a traditional craft. I've got a box full of old wedding and unkown family photos which I can't wait to alter. 


Instagram @leighjennings

some days are one of those days

The most sugary sweet little doily. Attacked with terrible slang, now sold, soz.

custom stitches

Through the power of Twitter I stitched up this little custom embroidery for a lovely lady.
There's now a million ways to find me and the latest goings-on in the land of Intwosandthrees.
Twitter @intwosandthrees
Instagram @leighjennings
Facebook Intwosandthrees

hidden treasure

"It was as if someone had taken a tiny bead of pure life and decking it as lightly as possible with down and feathers, had set it dancing and zigzagging to show us the true nature of life"
- Virginia Woolf

A very detailed hand embroidered study of a small bird. Black thread on white cotton, framed in a small vintage gold and brown metal frame.
Available here.

we're lost at sea

'i want to be your favourite hello and hardest goodbye'
Another beautiful quote for an equally lovely vintage tray cloth. Hand embroidered and available here.

those with a nervous disposition, please look away

more embroidered swear words, as usual, available here.

charity shop winner

mini wooden weaving loom: £3

velvet poodle postcard, from 1945: 20p

vintage tapestry backpack: £1.95
hand embroidered cherub on velvet £1.50

pink and purple Staffordshire dog: £4.99
I've been super lucky at the local charity shops recently, but to then find a genuine Staffordshire pup, which I've been after for forever as my nanny always had a pair (but couldn't bare parting with £50), for only £4.99?! WINNING. The tapestry backpack is pretty bloody good too.



Another custom pet portrait.
I could make these forever, I love the use of colouring and shading with the stab stitch embroidery technique. I post step-by-step photos of custom pet portraits on my Instagram page @leighjennings

Sadly, just as the customer received this portrait (they lived in America), poor old Bramble had to be put to sleep after 15 years. A perfect little reminder on a sad day.

mini scribbles


Small post-it note sized bits of paper with patterns, notes, scribbles and drawings. I don't know what I'm doing with them, but drawing at this size takes away that stressful feeling of a blank paged sketchbook.

so this happened today ..

That mega fit model lady, Lara Stone, posted a picture of my embroidery on Instagram.
Many thanks to people tagging me in the photo and linking my shop.
As much as I'm astounded at the response of this work, I'm also worried that it seems to be getting a little 'lost' on the internet. In hindsight I should have put a watermark on the photo. But never mind, it's still pretty bloody amazing!

and this, she said, this, we call home

More of these infamous embroideries are online in my Etsy shop, seeing as you funny guys are still seeing it all over tumblr and want a piece of the action.



I bought this original American duvet cover from a charity shop recently. Covered in stills from the E.T movie, I find it horrifying and amazing all at the same time. E.T made me cry a lot as a kid and I've never watched it since. However, the pattern on this duvet cover seemed like too good an opportunity to miss (especially at a bargain price). I'll re-work and embroider over E.Ts face and turn some of the other bits into cushions - the bmx bit is my favourite.

'self-portrait with embroidered dead bird'

save me, save me

'If nothing should save us from death, at least love should save us from life' - Pablo Neruda

This embroidery has sold now, but it's such a beautiful quote, I may have to make another.

the length of the sea and the depth of the dark

'only boring people get bored'
My wonderful nanny has always said this and it's something I've always lived by. I'm fortunate that I have a hobby that also makes me dollar, but it's not hard to get up and get outside, go an adventure or annoy your friends and family. Stop moaning about being bored or not having anything to do, find something to do or you'll get a sore arse from sitting on it all day.
Use this is as a little reminder to do something exciting, or as an award for being a busy awesome person.
I hear too many people say they're bored. I can't imagine what it feels like.

Embroidery available here.

sticks and stones and skulls and bones

'The skull is natures sculpture' - David Bailey

The first embroidery I sold on my Etsy shop was a vintage pink hanky with a detailed skull embroidery in a bright pink thread. I don't often embroider skulls anymore, keeping up with the sales of quotes and sayings meant these were kind of on the back burner. However, I've had some time recently and added these two skull embroideries, which come in a vintage frame.
Available in my Etsy shop.