embroidered (old/unkown) photographs

Using old/found/unkown photographs in my work is something I've done since my college days, and a style that I always come back to. Recently, the worldwide Etsy craft party was based around stitching onto photos, old or new, and bringing them back to life. As there wasn't a party nearby for me to join in with, I joined through the power of Instagram and posted photos (how ironic?) of my interpretations. I went against the rules though and stitched directly onto the old photos themselves which were a solid card. It's advised that you scan and print a new copy, so as not to loose the original. However, I love the thought of a photo from the 50's (top) and 30's (bottom) being turned into contemporary art with a traditional craft. I've got a box full of old wedding and unkown family photos which I can't wait to alter. 

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