copious cats

A new scribble called 'copious cats'.
I want to put this onto everything - prints, cards, wrapping paper, tote bags, fabric, cushions, clothes etc etc blah blah.
I wonder how long it would take me to embroider them all? 

come together


There's still a cracking offer on at my Etsy shop. You can get 5 mini hand stamped cards for only £6. That's a little card free. I'll still take custom orders on them too - just in case that free card is going to be a keeper.

and there it begins

One of my first embroideries, and still one of my favourites.
Pink vintage hanky with hand embroidered skull in red thread.


This is my face pulling a face.
Why don't skin colour pencils come in a 'milky' white?

Happy Caturday!

I've some how developed a collection of cat teapots and cat ornaments. I'm officially a cat lady without an actual pet cat.
This is a little 2" peach embroidery hoop with a cat lady illustration hand embroidered on vintage fabric. Perfect little gift for a fellow cat lover.
Available here.
P.S 'caturday' seems to be something that Instagrammers are loving at the moment - a picture of their pet cats or ornaments etc on Saturday. Genius, huh? I'm totally going to join in.


Perhaps you know someone that should be recognised for their ingenious hashtags? Perhaps you know someone who over uses hashtags and has started saying them in real life (yeah, I know a few). Either way, this #HASHTAGQUEEN card is pretty much perfect then. There's one for the guys too.
Available here. 

Kill It Kid - Run

I've been playing this a lot.


I say 'whatevz' too much.
I've cut out many a letter from pink foil card. I'm going to make some naughty word bunting too. Maybe I'll add them to toothpicks so I can turn them into 'cake bunting' for the alternative party.

Frida Kahlo

I am the person I know best.


This sketch was my contact card during my exhibitions at uni.
This definitely isn't and wasn't me.

P.S I love hashtags on Instagram. There's now a #sundayselfieclub. I think maybe people started it because of the alliteration of Sunday Selfie, but I'm hoping it stops people sharing a selfie e v e r y  d a y - because clearly they look so different every time and we really need to know what they look like. Why am I moaning? I've definitely taken some selfies in my time.
My Instagram is @leighjennings


This may be little in size but it doesn't mean any less.
Have a friend who's a mega babe? Totally over use the word babe and accidentally said 'thanks babe' to your grumpy male boss? Know someone that abuses the # on Twitter/Instagram/real life? Maybe they tick all these boxes. If so, here's the perfect card!
Perfect for Birthdays, happy days and to just send a little message, this mini hand stamped card is perfect for the #BABE in your life.

Available here.

'my boy'


An embroidered gift for my aunty Cheryl, a portrait of her late dog, Tag. He was a wonderful pup, such a goofy character and happy nature, I hope I've somehow conveyed that with this embroidered portrait.
I used a short satin stitch with movement to reflect fur growth - but also as a way of embroidering an illustration - many of my preliminary sketches had lines of movement and texture.
I really enjoyed this embroidery, pet portraits here I come!

bumper pack for hipsters

You can now get the prints of this rad bunch of hipsters (and the unicorn) as a glossy set of postcards. Spread the love with a swaggy vintage granny, an old dude in his beanie hat (and probably skinny jeans) and the cocky gangster unicorn.
Available here.

frosty and bitter


This started out as a bit of a joke, that developed into a scribble, that leant itself nicely to a little illustration and a new print.
Perfect for beer lovers and ex haters alike. Available here.