I was super mega lucky enough to win at a raffle that I Am Acrylic were hosting over on Instagram. There was a huge selection of their hand cut beauties up for grabs, including sweets and, well, a packet of cheese sauce! Working at the I Make Fun Stuff pop-up shop, we've stocked I Am Acrylic's hand cut (yes, hand cut and hand assembled) necklaces and brooches since day 1 and I've always loved their work (their little log cabin and mountain brooch is my fave), so much so that I think they've been featured as a 'staff pick' about a million times. SO you can imagine my super mega stoked-ness when I won their MIRRORED little cloud and lightning brooch. And even more excited when I realised it's the perfect match for my vintage yellow rain coat. You can see more of I Am acrylics work here, but make sure you follow them on Instagram too! 

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