In recent years, this taboo word is making a massive come back in our every day language. From a word that started out as a synonym for female genitalia, it has been dragged through the dictionary and thesaurus backwards, resulting in an offensive and derogatory term. I could write forever about the leading connotations that a word so widely considered as offensive, will have on the original meaning - and therefore upon women. With films using the word, feminists writing about the word and celebrities supporting the word, slowly, 'cunt' is getting back its power.
We've all said it at some point, right? Whether we mutter it under our breath at the rude bus driver who short changes you, or call your best mate a cheeky one in the most endearing sense, infact some even use it as a word as common as 'and'.
I've just discovered this dissertation http://www.matthewhunt.com/cunt/ and from what I've read so far, makes for a fascinating read. I'm keen to see where this word leads to in the future, I know it's forever going to cause a debate but I'm excited to see the doors it can open for the power of women. Yes, a word really can have that much power.
Either way, it's a versatile word that I've immortalised with embroidery, only one left, available here.

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