Custom pet portraits - update

So. After being inundated with pet portraits in the few months leading up to Christmas, and after a lot of feedback and a lot of deliberation, I'm re-assessing the custom pet portraits. I put in a lot of time in each portrait and I've developed my embroidery skillz so that I can include as much detail as possible into each portrait - this means more thread colours, more stitches and more time. Even in the beginning, the feedback I most often received reflected the cost and how I don't really charge enough. I've done some more research (I'm not daft enough to think I'm the only stitcher in the world that makes custom pet portraits) and my pricings are pretty low. In the grand scheme of things also, once I've bought thread, times the man hours I put into each embroidery, the margins are very low. I never make work thinking about profit. I've always made something because I enjoy the process, because I love making something for someone and in turn making them happy. The fact that people buy my embroideries will forever astound me and keep me striving to better my work. Another big factor that is going to effect the custom pet portraits, and, a lot of my embroidery hoop art - manufacturers are stopping the production of the coloured flexi embroidery hoops I use. Major bummer. Like, major serious bummer. The 'wood effect' hoops are still available in lots of places, so fingers crossed these will be continued. However, that means the option of choosing a coloured hoop is now out. I have a few left tucked away, so you can contact me if you're really desperate for a coloured one, but lots of people are now charging silly money (see here ) for them, so it's unlikely I can get hold of any more.
So. Let's talk numbers. Previously, the pet portraits were 3" at £20 and 5" at £30. If anyone actually measured their hoop, they'd see that I was actually using a 4" and 6" hoop - I just preferred the sizing in contrast to the embroideries, but never edited this in the listings. So now custom embroidered pet portraits will now be 4" at £35 and 6" at £55. This is for a full colour, detailed embroidery. If your pet is one or two colours, the pricings will be 4" at £25 and 6" at £40 - there will be 4 different pet portrait listings now available on my Etsy page. Sadly, I won't be able to offer oval shaped portraits any more either - these are all no longer being manufactured too. HOWEVER, just contact me and I'll see what I can do, as I said, I do have some hoops left tucked away.
The lead up to Christmas was bonkers and so I'll also be scheduling portraits in now. I'll give you a date of when I can start the embroidery, it then takes me at least 2 days (3 days for the larger ones) and then I'll give you a date that I can post it. If you're after an embroidery for a certain date, contact me first so I can schedule you in properly to ensure that you'll receive it in time, and whether I'm able to do it by that date (depending on other scheduled portraits).
I hope you guys all understand why I've had to increase the pricing. I feel rather terrible about it. I wish I could make gifts for everyone and just make things for free, but, realistically that's a bit silly isn't it? I bloody love making custom pet portraits though. I look forward to seeing more of your lovely animals.
I'll also let you into a little secret - if I get time at some point soon, I want to try human portraits ..

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