Kattenkabinet, Amsterdam

The Cat Cabinet was founded in commemoration of a red tom-cat called John Pierpont Morgan, a much loved companion of Bob Meijer. JP Morgan would get special gifts on his birthday, including a bronze statue, painted portraits and a book full of cat themed limericks. There was even a commissioned dollar bill with his face on (JP Morgan must have been one hell of a cat to earn those gifts). Bob Meijer's beautiful house, in a rather posh area of Amsterdam, is now a museum filled with cat based art work, incredible painted ceilings and even real-live cats and kittens wondering around. I'm not going to lie, I squealed when I walked into the first room. Nestled among renaissance paintings, ceramic figurines and huge advertisement posters, sat Picasso's 'Le Chat'. Oh, and a Rembrandt kitty painting too. I took too many photos and probably pissed off the kitten I kept chasing.
It was everything I hoped it would be.

Of course there's a painting of a cat in a trap, why wouldn't there be?

There was a table with an odd taxidermy-type-maybe hairy cat thing, surrounded by visitors drawings and notes of love for the Kattenkabinet

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