This past month has been such a blur. I've managed to make what feels like a million pet portraits, somehow found the time to make and plan new work, visited my friend for a fun filled weekend, had brilliant days with other friends, eaten out at the best places, had fun with an instagram take-over, an instagram give away and making new friends via instagram, drawn things, read stuff, made things and bought stuff. I'm pooped! And I realise I've hardly shared any of it with you - this will all be rectified as a resolution for June - BLOG MORE. I never really know what to write about/tell you about/ramble on about, so any suggestions and anything in particular you'd like to see/read, then give me a shout! June is set to be another busy one so far, with exhibition and photo shoot prep, new work to finish and prints to finalise (yes, that's right, I'm going to be making some prints again!). There's also some new products in the pipeline, so definitely watch this space...

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