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More and more recently, I'm finding I'll get half way through a piece and decide to start again or pull out threads and start a section again. At first I thought 'oh god, why is all of my work so terrible recently, I need to pull myself together and work harder' after finding a draw full of half started pet portraits and surrounded by scraps of thread that I've plucked from various projects. Feeling rather grumpy about it all I huffed about it to friends 'urgh, I've got loads of work to do, I've had to re-start that portrait' only for the usual reply of 'no, why? I think it looks good'. I thought, sure, you're supposed to say something kind like that, but really, when I thought about it, why was I getting so grumpy and re-starting nearly everything? When really, it was all ok, or more than ok and actually only one stitch was out of place. So I've realised, actually, I'm just pushing myself, trying to make everything the best it can be, especially if I know I can do better, if I know I can work harder. So unpicking every thread possible or adding another portrait to my draw of half finished pets is ok. It's nothing to get grumpy about and it's nothing to beat myself up over. It's not because it's rubbish, it's because I know I can do better - and that's not being hard on myself - that's just wanting the best for my customers, to make sure I'm the embroidery artist that's different from the last.

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