My love for vintage and embroidery has collided from here on out.
Playing with juxtapositions, I've hand embroidered (a traditionally feminine craft) a skull (skull imagery is recognised as masculine while the reference to death can equally be masculine - blood and guts, or feminine - rebirth, 'a beautiful way to die') onto a pink vintage hanky (recognised as feminine both in colour and item).

I love playing with feminine traditions and throwing in something masculine to question whether these stereotypes still exist. Something I've written a million essays on and collected an outrageous pile of books on.

I've free hand embroidered this skull using a fine red thread in the same style had I have drawn the skull. This is a complete one off - both for the nature of the art and for being on a vintage hanky. Designed to be a wall hanging (here I've used complimentary washi tape as the hanky is fairly light and washi tape is great for temporary display), this would equally work framed (although I love the scalloped edge of the material) or pinned to the wall.
This recent work of art is now listed on my Etsy page here. I've had commissions for skull embroidery work before and more are welcome!

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