Inspiration Sunday - Mister Finch

I always get excited by male textile artists (I've written many an essay on traditionally feminine crafts and the juxtaposition created when men attack the stereotypes) and Mister Finch is making me pick up my needles, get the vintage linen out and forget everything I thought I knew about stuffed animals.
Soft sculpture is great take on faux-taxidermy and plushies for adults. Mister Finch combines vintage materials, open stitched details and celebrated marks and defects within the fabric. These perfectly chosen fabrics are often stained and with frays and open stitching made to compliment the vintage origin of the material.  Moths, butterflies, birds and spiders are all beautifully captured in a mature and delicate way, creating unique sculptures that would look at home in a wonderfully vintage home.

Beautiful aren't they?! I'd love a whole wall full of them. Find Mister Finch on Etsy here.

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