Inspiration Sunday

Browsing the sites and magazines for the Spring trends, I've come across a craft that pops up every season, and one that isn't the most easy to recreate yourself at home (I'm looking at you Kirstie Allsop and your 'vintage/craft home'), making it even more awe inspiring, utterly unique and beautiful. Hand made paper cuts have been circulating the craft artists radar for many years now - but the recent commercial rush of Rob Ryan work has made Paper Cuts more popular. It's something I'm desperate to try but know that my clumsy hand wont mix well with a sharp blade, so I'll leave it to the pro's...

Lydia Crook (I love everything on her Etsy page!)


Only a small selection of the beautiful paper cuts on offer on Etsy and these artists are all from the UK only!
I may give it a try in the future, though only if I have a steady hand and sharp eye (and even sharper blade).

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