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I loved stitching this vintage tattoo flash style hand and flowers image. I'd started a series of these simple black work embroideries, but only got around to framing and listing one of them - sometimes, I get kind of swamped with custom orders, and forget to make something new/different/for myself/for etsy/for fun etc. So, with this in mind, I've started to schedule in days off or days for doing / making something different, as well as the scheduled custom orders. Scheduling just means that customers contact me first regarding a personalised embroidery, we then, together, discuss dates when they would like the embroidery by, and a date when I can dedicate my time to their embroidery. Pet portraits take 2 days for a small piece, and 4 days for a double portrait. I like to make sure customers can have their embroidery in advance of their desired date (usually if they're gifts etc). I then make sure there is at least one day after and one day before each custom embroidery, to be a day off or day for something different. It all sounds super organised, but I learnt the hard way over Christmas with a crazy amount of embroideries and not enough hours in the day causing me to totally burn out. So, this now means that I'll have more time to make new work, take on exciting custom orders and play with drawing and illustration more too. Hooray!

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