I've got new brush pens

and I'm pretty bloody excited about it.

As I'm often stitching for hours at a time, taking breaks are pretty important - it means I can see the piece I'm working on with fresh eyes (and find all the mistakes I've made) and rest my hands (I get sore wrists and fingers, more on that another day though). However, instead of reaching for the cake, I'll spend half an hour drawing (especially if I haven't found time on a day off to draw. And if there's no cake involved). I found some bloody good brush pens in the children's section of Waitrose (I know right, lucky, huh?) and now every possible break I'm drawing. I'm not drawing very well, and it's usually faces, plants or something, and I've no idea if I'll do anything with the drawings afterwards, but I'm having a lovely little time.

{EDIT: perhaps, after my recent embroidery interpretations of other artists illustrations, I should re-work my own drawings with some stitching? Maybe}

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